Summary Administration is a simplified probate proceeding which may be used when the value of the entire estate in Florida does not exceed $75,000 or the decedent has been dead for more than two years. Please note that the value of the homestead is in addition to the $75,000 cap, so there could be a sizeable estate handled with Summary Administration. In a Summary Administration, the estate must not be indebted or provisions for payment of debts must have been made, or if the assets are "exempt" then creditors are entitled to notice. If the Petition is signed by all interested parties, a hearing on the Petition is not normally needed. If a hearing is not required, the proceeding can be finalized and an Order of Summary Administration entered in a relatively short period of time, perhaps one to two weeks. A certified copy of the death certificate should accompany the Petition. The decedent's Will, if any, must also be filed with the Petition and, in the case of a will which is not self-proving, proved and admitted to probate. The funeral bill marked paid must also be filed.