Locate the Will and give it to the attorney so that it can be deposited with the Clerk of Circuit Court, Probate Division. A person having possession of another's will is required to deposit it with the Clerk within ten days of learning that person has died. Make arrangements for the funeral. The surviving spouse or if none then the next of kin has the right to make decisions relating to burial. Obtain ten certified copies of the death certificate, with five listing the cause of death and the other five not listing the cause of death. Cancel the Decedent’s health insurance. The Estate may be entitled to a refund of the unearned insurance premium. Locate any life insurance policies. Contact the Decedent’s employer for group life insurance or other benefits. Gather recent bank records, and records of real estate owned. Bring the papers and records of the decedent to the law office to determine the extent of the estate. Prepare a list of the names and addresses of the beneficiaries of the estate. Do not pay bills or agree to pay bills until consulting with the attorney.

RRW Spring 2010