State of Florida's web site where they list property that's been abandoned and is waiting to be claimed by an heir. This property could be bank accounts, refunded utility deposits, uncashed insurance checks, and so forth. Florida Treasure Hunt

Search for Savings Bonds - Treasury Direct

Find a lost 401(k) plan - Site for registering missing participants

Search for Life Insurance Policy - site to start your search for a missing policy

Florida Department of Corrections - Offender Search - To locate current prisoners and those on Felony probation

Florida Statewide Records - Search for Real Property and other records throughout Florida

Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court - Link to all Florida Clerks that maintain a website

Florida Association of Property Appraisers - Link to all official Florida Property Appraisers statewide

Probate Statutes -  (When the Browser window opens, scroll down and then click on Title XLII "Estates and Trusts")

Florida Probate Rules - 2015

Direct Marketing Association - "Deceased Do Not Contact Registration" Remove names of deceased individuals from commercial marketing lists